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Alcohol Gift Ideas from Colonial Spirits Delivers

Colonial Spirits Delivers is pleased to offer some alcohol gift ideas from our expert staff. Whether it's a present for the holidays or if you want to say congratulations or thank you, see what champagne gift ideas, wine gift ideas, beer gift ideas and whiskey gift ideas we have listed below. 

Whether or not you see something on this page, you can order any product from us as a gift. Check out our full stock for thousands of choices, and if there is something you're looking for but don't see, please inquire with us. We can order most products.

If you happen to have a friend or loved one who lives near our Acton liquor store, we are also proud to offer a liquor store gift card. These gift cards are for in-store use only and cannot be redeemed online, but they function like any credit or debit card. Place an amount on the card and we will mail it to the recipient. He or she can then use the gift card at our Acton store to buy any item we offer.



Guinness Extra Stout - 6 pack

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